Flesh Odium Illustration


Concept sketch/paint up for the piece I’m painting for the Fairy Tale Art Charity Book.

It’s based on an old, old design I thought up back in 06 for a fairy tale contest I never entered. It’s my darker, slightly morbid take on Beauty and the Beast. The story I wrote up to go along with this can also be found in the link as well. :)


Streaming the sketch up of something I owe for an art book and finishing off a commission. Music and mic will be on as usual. Come chat :)

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Anonymous asked:
Hey Fleshy! Can you might help me/us out? My commissions don't seem to be coming really, i advertise, set my prices at the lowest i can and it's not working good. I know it never runs good at the first time, i fear i have to go even cheaper, or it's the big problem that i'm not known enough, hmm i just feel a bit dissapointed about it, do you maybe have some good seller tipps/help?


That is always cruddy. I’m sorry to hear! I can tell you what I did in concerns to commissions but I cannot tell you how long it may take to see any result or that it will work flawlessly. The key is patience and to not give up if things look bleak. :)

Answer below the cut.

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I felt this was appropriate to reblog here.


I was going to stream. But then I got completely distracted by an idea. Have a sketch.

I really enjoy taking breaks to scribble gift art for people.
PSA: Eliis belongs to Xenthyl.


Another WIP on my personal blog of my current commission if anyone is interested. :)

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Just a new wip I posted on my personal blog. Go check it out. :)

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I decided to include some detail shots just to kind of show off some of the maybe lesser noticed details I painted in. Thankfully this is going to be printed by the client and all these small details will be a bit more noticeable.

Complete painting is here - click

Doctor Who commission for Dany. I’m so happy I finally finished this. The pin striped suit and all the small details took me forever to complete. Not to mention all the suit resource gathering to make sure I got as much of the details correct. But the experience was worth it.

PS: Also thanks to BoozyBard for making a 3d worm hole for me to paint over and use as the background!! He’s a life saver. <3


Back from supper and streaming again. Come chat :3

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Technical issues fixed. Stream is back up again. ; - . -


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There has been a tale told by many adventurers that if you go far enough into the caverns of Carlsbad that you can find a place where a magical creature lives, some say it is a nymph, while other say it’s a monster….

Just a small update for those watching my art blog. I’m very much alive. Just in a bit of an art block and working on a fairly large commission at the same time. I should be alive again once I finish it though.

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Happy birthday to cutest and sweetest girl. I hope you had a wonderful day.

Been having a tremendously hard time concentrating on getting my darn website completed. But the procrastination stops today and I’m getting it done TONIGHT. 

P.S. I’m excited as it will be the closest thing to a professional portfolio of mine and more importantly will serve as a hub for customers to be able to easily preview the work I offer including my TOS.

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