Flesh Odium Illustration

Hello and welcome to all my new watchers. I’m flattered to have you join me! <3

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Commission for redjabberwocky for a Maniwa from Katanagatari inspired tattoo he wants to get. I’m flattered he liked my idea from the get go!

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Impromptu collaboration with flesh-odium-illustration!!
Her gorgeous oc Elorae with her hair up in a pony tail :D

Sketch/Lines - Me
Paint/magic - Fleshy

Just a little bit of fun I had over the weekend with Wolfy. He surprised me with an adorable Elorae sketch and then I forced him to send me his lines so I could paint them. Trying not to paint my style into the face was alot harder than I expected.

Painted bust for the winner of my 2000 followers raffle!

Cellshade/Simple Colour commission for redjabberwocky

Detail shot of Wu’s commission.

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Uncut version

Finally done Wu’s draenei.

Detail shot

Sketch for the second winner of my 2000 followers raffle! 

(The 1st prize winner’s bust is also nearly done!)

PSA: I’m really busy and I sometimes forget to check tumblr or my tags for long periods of time. With that being said it makes it hard to catch gift art or ‘inspired by’ art. I promise I would never ignore something like that. I absolutely adore it actually and I encourage people to do them if they wish.

So please, if you do something for me, and I take a bit to notice. Don’t be discouraged. I simply haven’t been on to see it yet. <3


DA Link

Spent my long weekend finishing this overdue trade from aeons ago. Thank you for being so patient nefyfeiri

This may be a month or so old, but man do I love it.

A little birthday gift I whipped up for my boyfriend Kygetsu. His favourite animal is a giraffe. And what’s better than having a baby one call you old?

Just a little birthday gift for my mother in-law. I hesitated posting this for some time as I wasn’t sure how interested a bee encased in a gem would be to my general audience. :/

I finished this a day or so ago, but I became far too sick to even move. Thus posting was postponed! Commission for Wu of cartoon me working away at my computer for a sign he plans to use.

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Detail shots for Nyotengu.

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Uncut version

inally done this monster of a daki commission. This here is Nyotengu from Dead or Alive. 

Detail Shots

NSFW version