Flesh Odium Illustration

Time for a celebration! I reached 2000 followers here on my art blog! Gosh I’m just so moved to continue having people join me in my artistic journey through life. Thank you so much to the new people as well as the old people who have both followed and supported me and my freelancing endeavours. It means the world to me.

Now for some art raffle fun! It’s fairly simple. Reblogs are how you get entered. And you do not need to be following me nor do you need to follow me now to enter (although if you like my art you are welcome to :3). Each reblog counts as a ticket. End date is on the image above ^

There is one prize. A softshade bust (shoulders up)

OCs and fanart characters welcome!

Try not to spam too many reblogs please!!



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I thought I’d mention it here too, but I stream more than you guys see. Not tons mind you, but I rarely announce when I do. I just can’t get the nerve up to make an official announcement like most artists do. It just terrifies me and sets my damn anxiety off like crazy. I’m good once people pop in, it’s just the initial “announcing”. Sooo if you’d like to catch a stream here and there go to my channel and click follow - https://picarto.tv/live/channel.php?watch=FleshOdium . And Picarto’s handy dandy notification system will email you when I go live. :)

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Current commission WIP - Nyotengu from Dead or Alive dakimakura

Xenthyl made a goop unicorn. I was super inspired and painted her up. Unicorns are honestly the way to my heart. ; - ;

Uncut version (That DA sort of destroyed the quality of until you click for the large image)

So as some of you may know I lost my internet for 4 days. During I did a bunch of art. And well that gift I did for  Rebeccacablah of her magma girl Rhy ended up getting painted. XD Oops. <3

DA link

I opened my first RedBubble! < click. I have my old T-shirt design there as well as this new “sexy bunny” one that I’m probably going to end up buying myself.  There are 6 different sayings on each shirt. <3 I hope to toss out new designs here and there in the future as well. ;)

My super delayed art trade with astropulse  . Also the return of my chibi/cute style! Or at least for this image.

PS:I also made a T-shirt design with this as well as a redbubble, but I will be making a separate post for that.:3

Happy birthday to a long time follower of mine Disco/Manda/Zyira. I hope your day went awesomely.

Uncut version here

Just a little gift art I did last night for Rebbeccacablah of her magma girl. I adore her design so much. And I want to paint this SO BAD but at the moment I don’t have much time between commissions to. But it definitely is on my to do list!


Another expression practice! Using yet another cute arse avi. <3 I guess you can call this a surprised look.


Did another one. This was supposed to be a yawning emotion. She looks more like she’s moaning though ; - ;

I’ll be doing a few more today with the avis I have saved.


Thanks for all the submissions! So many cute avis.

So far I’ve just done these two. I’ll probably do more later. I struggle with facial expressions so it takes me forever to do.

Submit your gaia avi


I kind of want to practice expressions and I figured I’d combine it with drawing people’s gaia avis. Something about doing avis is super fun to me. I have no clue why. So if you have one and you don’t mind me potentially making them look silly with a failed expression send them to me here

Submit them if you have them.

So Koi made a desert babe for CinnaBarbie and.. well.. it inspired the heck out of me! So I did this gift/art speed paint. I know I said I’d practice quicky gift sketches, but I just felt like painting today.

DA Link

Exia! For the awesome Kubus.  < Click to be rerouted to the DA submission of this. <3